Hayabusa tweets

The chat on twitter among Hayabusa, Akatsuki and Ikaros when Hayabusa was approaching to the Earth. In order to share how we were moved by that with more people, I translated it into English.
The translation may not be good enough to deliver you the emotion 100%. So everybody, please comment for improvement!
Ikaros: http://www.jspec.jaxa.jp/e/activity/ikaros.html
Akatsuki: http://www.jaxa.jp/event/akatsuki/index_e.html
.@Akatsuki_JAXA .@ikaroskun そうだね。みんな一緒だ。よし!弟たち、地球に還るまでよーく見てて。
.@Akatsuki_JAXA .@ikaroskun Yes. We are all together. Brothers! Watch me until I’ll have returned to the earch!
Sun Jun 13 2010 02:05:51 (JST) From web

.@ikaroskun 最後にゆっくり話せて良かった。もう地球だけ見て翔ぶよ。 行ってきます、IKAROS。バイバイ、僕の大切な弟。
.@ikaroskun It was great talking with you at the last moment. I will fly to the earth, without looking back. I’ll go, IKAROS. Good-bye, my precious little brother.
1:05 AM Jun 13th From web
.@ikaroskun いい子だ。・・・僕らは同じ「工学技術実証」機。僕とキミは、姿形は違うけどよく似てる。お互いフルサクセスまでいけると良いな。世界をビックリさせて、そして人の役にたとう。みんなの心を元気にしよう!
.@ikaroskun Good boy. … We are same technology provers. You and I look different, but are similar. I really hope we both will be able to go to ‘full-success’. Let’s give a surprise to the world. Let’s give our gift to the humans. Let’s make everybody feel happy!
12:41 AM Jun 13th From web
.@ikaroskun IKAROS、お前は名前のせいで意地悪言われたこともあったけど、それを全部振り切って翔びだした。たいしたもんだよ。お前は十分強い子だ。もう泣くな。 その翼でずーっとずーっと遠くまで翔んで、後に続く者への道をつくってくれ。
.@ikaroskun IKAROS, you got bad mouth and troubles because of your name, but you have overcome all of them and flew out. You are a big boy. Strong enough. Don’t cry any more. Fly light-years away with your wings and make a road for your successors.
12:21 AM Jun 13th From web
.@ikaroskun ずいぶん離れたなー。でもよく見えるよ。でっかく咲いたなぁ!大輪の向日葵みたいだ。
.@ikaroskun You went so away. But I can see you well. You’ve come out big! You are like a big sun flower.
11:39 PM Jun 12th From web
・・今日は寝ないんだな、IKAROS。 うすださん達がお前の手紙、届けてくれたよ。「焦らず、急がず、正確に」って言ったのに・・・無理しやがって、もぅ。
… You don’t sleep today, IKAROS. Usuda-san and others delivered your letter to me. I said “Don’t hurry too much. Be accurate.”, didn’t I? Jeez, I was worried.
11:36 PM Jun 12th From web
そしてこちらがメッセージの後半です。  兄さんと別れるのはさびしいけど、兄さんが選んだ道だから…しっかりと勇姿を目に焼き付けて、僕は先に進むね いつか弟と呼べる探査機がきて兄さんのこと話してあげれるといいなぁ イカロスより 』
The latter half of the message: “I feel lonely to say good-be to you my brother, but it is the way you chose… I will brand your brave last moment on my mind and go forward. I wish, some day, another prove which I can call my younger brother would come, and could talk with him about you my brother. Your brother, IKAROS”
10:16 PM Jun 12th From web
イカロス君からのメッセージの前半よ 『はやぶさ兄さんへ 宇宙に飛び出すのは不安でいっぱいだったけどはやぶさ兄さんがいてくれたお陰で楽しい旅になったよ。兄さんが地球に戻る前に僕の帆を拡げた姿を見せられてホントよかった!(続く)
First half of the message from IKAROS: “Dear my elder brother Hayabusa. I was full with anxiety when going up to the space, but it turned out a fan thanks to you. I’m really glad that I could show my expanded wings before you return to the earth!” (Continued)
10:15 PM Jun 12th web




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