Patch to make bridge I/F work with atheros card

Patch to make bridge I/F work with atheros card.
I’ll probably apply this patch since I need to modify madwifi code anyway. Good tips.

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Re: Vmware Edgy Madwifi Ath0 Networking Virtual Machine

This behavior is due to the fact that the madwifi drivers are not 100% compatible with the ethernet standard, and the vmware code checks the interface characteristics before allowing itself to bring up the bridge.
Bridged wireless: can’t bridge with ath0, bad header length 88 …

Remove (or comment out) the following code from the file:

dev->hard_header_len += sizeof(struct ieee80211_qosframe) +
sizeof(struct llc) +
dev->hard_header_len += ATH_FF_MAX_HDR;

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